41 Months of Togetherness

On 8th February, 2016, I was sitting beside him waiting to say YES. When we were about to leave, I indicated him about the PROPOSE DAY. He didn’t respond. When it was actually the time to go, I again gave him a hint, and this time, he responded, “No, I’m not proposing you.” And I was like, what the – !” Finally, he gave me a warm hug, and… and, I gave my hand to him and asked, “Mr. Hitesh Narula, will you be my valentine?” I swear, I’ve never in my life seen him blush that much. *Blushes* “Yes, of course, my love.” Somewhat related happened this time. Being in a long distance relationship, we had to do it over the phone. I felt he had forgotten the day. So, I texted him, “I have always loved you, and you’ve been this for three times in my life. I want you to answer this and myself to question you. Mr. Narula, may I have the pleasure to have you as my valentine?” And all he replied was, “Wait…. I was going to do that!” And a few moments later, “Yes, yes, my love. I love you. I’m always yours.” So, basically, in our relationship, he’s the girlfriend and I, the boyfriend.

I was the one to ask him for the first hug. And almost every first thing that we did together.

In fact, I have always been the one to ask him to meet me. Especially in the first year. So much that he didn’t even get a day to tell me, “I miss you. Let’s meet!” I used to ask him to meet me even before he could think about it. Though, when it comes to getting jealous, we’re the same.

This is our relationship. This is us. This is our love story.


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