The Beginning of a New Life

The day started by waking up early in the morning as usual. I came back to home from school. Finding the afternoon boring, I slept. It was at 6 p.m. when I went to the garden located in front of my house. The birds chirped, the grass was all green, people were enjoying their day- some walked, while others were sitting. A few children were playing games, others crawled. As I entered the garden after five long months, I found two of my friends talking about how their exams were going. Well, I was lucky enough to have exams a month later. If it were to be taken then, I wouldn’t be there that day.

After walking for about 20 minutes, I asked my friend, Suhasini, to join me. After sometime, I found a group of boys playing cricket. But that was the day when I wasn’t interested in gossiping about boys. I just ignored them and continued walking. On seeing all our friends standing in a group behind the temple, Suhasini and I went near them and exchanged Hi’s and Hello’s. It was then when a tennis ball suddenly hit the wall of the temple and sat quietly on the terrace. We all turned to look who it was. It was a boy, a boy from the same group of the boys playing cricket. I found him quite smart. He wore white kurta-pajama, which looked good on him now. He was a guy of a fair complexion with onw of his ears pierced. He came towards us with two of his friends to take the ball. Since it was on the top of the temple, he decided to take up the ladders. As soon as he stepped his first foot on the ladder, I don’t know what made me say that, but there were a few words that came out my mouth, “Be careful, don’t hurt yourself!” He looked at me, simultaneously I turned my face the other side. My best friend, right at that moment, said, “Hey, he’s smart!” I swear, the only thought in my mind was to kill her. I didn’t react, but said, “Yeah, he is.”

“I wish I can get committed with him.”

What? Now this was way too much. I fell in love with that guy at first sight and this is what my bestie’s telling me? Unbelievable. Still, I tried to ignore.

“Yeah, of course, you should try.”

“Why shall I? He’ll try- once he notices me!”

Dude, I don’t even know what she thought of herself then!

He climbed down the ladder and went back where he had been playing. I looked from the corner of my eye. He probably noticed that too.

Commencing the walk again with Suhasini, I kept an eye on him even when I was in the other corner of the garden. After taking a few rounds of the park, I felt he wished to say something to me. Though I was somewhat making him notice me, I avoided him.

“iPhone 5!”, someone shouted from the group sitting on the bench right where I was passing from. I was talking to someone on a phone call, and to his surprise, whoever it was, and if I could tell him at that time, it was iPhone 4! I asked Suhasini to continue walking with me just for that round. I felt he wanted to speak something to me which he couldn’t speak in front of her.
“Okay”, she said, “Let’s see if you’re right!”
I was pretty sure I was right, and I wished so badly i were right.
The Sun had set by then. The rising darkness somewhat made me scared because of my parents but I focused more on him. So, there he was now, sitting near the swings on the edge of the footpath (the only place he could be at to be close to me).
“Hello!”, he said, looking somewhere else, trying to get me involved in his conversation. I felt some sort of sensations down in my body. The voice struck my ears- it was the best voice I had ever heard! It sounded familiar, I felt as if I had heard the voice earlier, which, later, I realized, was the same voice that shouted “iPhone 5”!
I didn’t know what to say, whether to respond or to not. So many thoughts were there in my mind, and because I wasn’t able to decide one thing, I kept walking and walked past him. I wanted to live that moment forever, but unfortunately, my mind was against my heart. I called Suhasini, narrated exactly what had happened, and asked her to join me.
“Hello?” he said again, in a sharper voice, “I’m talking to you!” This time, I couldn’t stop myself to hear more from him and spoke, “Yes?” pretending as I didn’t know anything, or I didn’t notice anything.

“Can I have your number?”
Man, who on Earth asks a girl directly for her contact number!
“No, thank you.”
I was wishing he had asked something else. I couldn’t respond.
In the next round, “Tell me why?”, he asked.
“Sorry!”, I said unwillingly.
After asking for more than two more times, I finally responded, in a tone that i had never used earlier, “Not interested!”, which reflected my attitude.
“Okay, then do you have a Facebook ID?”
Okay, that sounds better!
“By what name?”
After asking me to spell my name, he sent me a friend request.
Yay! I was really happy. I found happiness in the air, the world seemed so beautiful.
“Are you on WhatsApp?”
Not again, I told him already I’m not going to share my number at all. Why again then?
“So, for that, I need to have your number, huh?”
“Yes, of course, but I’m not giving it to you!”
“Why?” No answer.
“OK, sorry and thank you.”
“Yeah, its okay! Now I have to go back to home. It’s quarter past eight. Whatever you wanna say, contact me on Facebook, send me a message there. Bye.”
“OK. Bye.”
I smiled, hard, really hard. Suhasini congratulated me saying, “Hey, congratulations! You did it!”
I smiled harder.
On reaching home, Mom asked me the reason for my smile and I gave a really silly reason, “I don’t have my exams, others have. That’s the only reason.”
I did nothing but logged into my Facebook account, and checked for the recent request, opened the profile, it was him. I stalked him, like I actually liked all his photographs posted there. Oh, I was flying, I was content, really really content. While sending him a message, I found that I had a message from him already, “Hey! Remember me? We met in the park?”
“How can I forget?”
It all started then, the starting of a conversation, of a new love story, different from others, totally different, a unique one- Our Love Story.


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