The outcompeting species striving to win

Competition is what surrounds us. All the time. The moment we step out of the house, competition begins. Well, not only outside, but also inside. The siblings themselves compete with each other. This is what makes me sad sometimes, how people try to beat each other to win. They should rather stay together, help each other and go on. How does it matter who wins? It’s all about how you become, what kind of person you become. It is so depressing that the people today want only competition. They want to win, without actually realizing what they are losing while winning. Sometimes, they lose friends, sometimes a great bond with their siblings and on and on and on. I met a lady two days ago, who said to me, “The person who learns that friends today are not really friends, he has done all the mastery.” I don’t want to learn this. Why aren’t friends actually friends and only networks? Is networking so important than friendships? Well, yes, it is saddening, but, it’s the truth – the bitter truth of our lives.


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