Change Yourself- Not for Good or Worse, Just Change

Changes are good. One should change. They say if you’re changing for good, then you’re going right. But, I feel, you should change for a change. Wearing the same kind of outfit and making the same hairstyle bores people, at least, it bores me. In the Times Life edition of the first Sunday after The New Year, I read a sub-heading of an article which said, “Change This Year- be it a haircut, your language or personality completely”. That moment, right at that moment, I decided to change myself. And this change I decided to begin with a haircut- by getting my hair short. I told my mother I wanted to get a haircut. She reminded me that I took one on 27th November, 2016 and that I don’t need one. After pleading for a few minutes, I let go of it. But this thought of getting my hair short had held me. It appeared in my mind every now and then and I kept wondering if short hair would look good on me or not.

Finally, it was yesterday that I went with my mother to a hair-stylist and got my hair cut. That Maggi-Maggi-Spaghetti thing has finally got out of my hair (I had got them re-bonded on September 2nd, 2015 and since then, the new hair were all curly and the old ones straight.) I don’t know if I look good with these or not. My mother said she was unhappy with all those hair getting cut. On the other hand, my brother dropped his phone when he looked at me and said I don’t look that bad. Then was my boyfriend, whom I video called and he was like, what is this?! He added, I looked cute but those hair are so fluffy and brittle. Soon after that my father saw me and laughed, “Less wastage of shampoo!” I said, “Please tell me how do I look?” He replied, “Better.” And finally was my best friend, who on looking at the picture I sent to her shouted on me, what I had done to my hair and why did I do that. I told her it was because of the straight hair that I wanted to get rid of. So, the reactions when brought altogether don’t actually tell me how bad or good I look. Well, yeah, I thought that my brother and my father are my biggest critics, so if they are telling me that I look better, then I must be looking better! Well, this is how my hair are now, and if you don’t like them, kindly co-operate.


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