Just Pen it Down!

I love writing. I don’t write to impress; I write to express. I write because there are some things that I cannot put in words while talking to someone or even while talking to myself. When I write, I don’t need to organize it. I don’t need to think how the other will feel or how he’ll react, because I’m not narrating this to anyone. It’s natural and true. It’s my thing. It’s free from all the lies of the world, and is only about me and my sentiments and the world I’m getting to know while growing up. This is why I write. I can spend my whole life just writing. To me, writing is not just an art; it is a stress-buster, it is a satisfying feeling. And these things, are more than art. I feel when you start writing, you begin to know your inner self, you begin to reflect. And this reflection, for us, is very important.
Also, there is a writer in every human being. It just has to come out.


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